Verdi Creative is a one stop shop. From concept and design, to sourcing, production and beyond, each stage of the process is covered. Whether you’re looking to start a new fashion brand, launch a new clothing or accessory collection or need advisory services, I can help your business thrive.

New Trends Research

Apparel and fashion are fast-paced environments that demand a constant feed of new ideas. I operate internationally, capturing insights into niches and creativity from a global perspective. With a deep instinct for products and materials, I can offer customized planning and research for a tailored service.

Creative Direction & Support

I work with you through each stage of the development process, helping you maximize your investments with services that are key to succeed. Starting with conceptualization I can provide assessment and cost analysis reports and construct roadmaps and agendas. Through my extensive network, I can match you with suppliers, build prototypes and set the wheels of production in motion. I’ll manage production and ensure strict quality control standards are adhered to.

Worldwide Negotiation

As an expert negotiator, my buying experience spans over three decades and reaches all corners of the globe, yielding a portfolio of excellences to effectively achieve the best. A worldwide network of selected suppliers ensures you receive the best quality materials, delivered on time and on budget.


No matter which end of the spectrum you operate, I have an extensive selection of vendors that can cater to your requirements. I only work with the best suppliers and manufacturers in Italy, Portugal, China and India as well as many places in between.


Maintaining close relationships between customer and supplier is key to keeping production on track. My decades-long friendships with the best manufacturers ensure that our high standards are met, in quality, timing and price. I only work with Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)-approved factories. I work directly with them, and never use agents, which means I cut out the middleman and ensure production schedules are met.